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It is our mission to make designs for energy-efficient homes available to all; to promote the building of sustainable towns and eco-cities; to provide pro-bono services to non-profits committed to socially responsible work; to instruct the next generation of architects and builders; and to promote principles of sustainable design through lectures and seminars.

We need your support to make this possible. The money you contribute is tax deductible and will enable us to further develop some of the following:

  • Peace Pagoda Community Center – The monks of the Peace Pagoda have asked for our assistance in designing a building for those on retreat. However, they have no money to pay for our architectural services, and we would like to do the project pro bono. Your donation will help cover some of the Center’s overhead related to this project.
  • Andromeda: Eco-city – In June 2008, Tullio Inglese presented designs for Andromeda to architects and developers in Shanghai in the hopes that it will be constructed as a prototype of sustainable urban living. Your donation will help us further develop the design and computer aided presentation.
  • Stipend for internsOver 400 interns have worked at Nacul as volunteers. The Center would like to offer a small stipend to our more experienced interns in acknowledgment of their contributions.
  • Seminars & Conferences – Tullio has traveled internationally to present his work and principles of sustainability. Your donation will help sponsor his future trips, promoting the spread of ecological design and healthy building practices worldwide.
  • Book on the Twelve Principles – We are close to completing Volume One of an educational book on the Twelve Principles of Ecological Architecture. A large number of images are included, many of which require image rights and the associated costs.
Transaction handled by Paypal. No PayPal account required, a credit or debit card is all you need.

For your tax deductible donation, please make checks payable to NACUL CENTER and send to:

Nacul Center
592 Main Street
Amherst MA 01002

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All donations help support our architectural work for non-profit organizations, the internship program, gallery, lectures and the research and promotion of the principles of ecological architecture. Read more »