Pro Bono

There are many non-profit organizations committed to socially and environmentally responsible work that need architects but do not have the means to hire them. Architects should donate their time and services, assisted by interns, to these organizations whenever possible. This process can be mutually beneficial for both architects and interns.

The Nacul Center has donated architectural services to other non-profit institutions committed to socially and environmentally responsible work, in addition to those shown here:

Brookfield Farm

Nacul Center has provided a preliminary design and 3-dimensional model for a local cooperative farm and market. The project includes an extensive living roof with planting beds and greenhouse.

Peace Pagoda Community Center

The Leverett Peace Pagoda has asked for our assistance in designing a complex of buildings which includes housing, kitchen, dining room and meeting hall for the monks and individuals on retreat. Due to their lack of funds, we have agreed to do the project pro bono, and are honored to have been asked.

The Center has also designed and made available construction drawings and specifications of compact, solar homes for those who cannot afford to hire an architect for their project. These include the Solar Cape, the Cube House, the House Under Glass (HUG), and the Truss Houses.

Nuestras Raices ‘Our Roots’

Nacul has provided comprehensive architectural services including construction supervision for their Centro Agricola. The project entailed the extensive renovation of an existing building in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts and the addition of an office, meeting room, library, restaurant, greenhouse, and outdoor plaza.

Shutesbury Library

In response to requests for building design proposals, the Center offers sustainable solutions that include all principles of ecological architecture. Though we receive no compensation, we consider our efforts beneficial to increase public awareness of sustainable ideologies. The design for the Shutesbury Library is one example.

Sunray Meditation Society

Sunray is a Native American spiritual community located in Lincoln, Vermont. Nacul Center worked directly with Dhyani Ywahoo and members of her staff in the designs of a ‘roundhouse’, a seven sided temple used for ceremonial gatherings.

Support the Nacul Center

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