The world’s population is increasing by one million people every four days, or nearly ninety million people per year. The rapid urbanization currently taking place in China, for example, is devastating the biosphere, producing tons of carbon dioxide and contributing to global warming and planetary pollution. In response to this urgent issue, TIA has developed an eco-city named Andromeda.

Imagine living in a city:

  • Without the pollution caused by automobiles
  • Surrounded by gardens, orchards and farms

  • With roof top gardens, patios and courtyards

  • With all urban amenities including: schools, colleges, health care facilities, fitness centers, movie theaters, cafés, restaurants, hotels and more
  • Where you can live, work, and play without having to travel

All of this becomes a reality when you live in Andromeda. 

Essentially, Andromeda is composed of a number of interconnected buildings, each designed by a different architect. The individual buildings are connected horizontally at multiple levels so that upon completion, Andromeda functions as a single contiguous eco-city.

Andromeda can be built incrementally so that, similar to an organism, it can grow but is complete at every stage of its growth.

The general massing of Andromeda is similar to Manhattan, but the buildings are more compressed and the central structures are slightly taller. More importantly, Andromeda is proposed to be surrounded by an extensive public park, farms, orchards and open land held in trust by the community. The ground plane is simply elevated so that, from many parts of the city, people can walk outdoors onto patios and gardens at various levels. All of the roof planes of Andromeda are flat to accommodate living roofs. Living roofs enable photosynthesis to continue uninterrupted, help consume carbon dioxide, and generally preserve the biosphere.

Currently, a Green Team of consultants in related fields is being organized in order to construct a prototype of this green, sustainable urban city. See the Andromeda Update for more information.

Download Howda Chow interviews Tullio about Andromeda [PDF 33KB]

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