There are times when an existing building may seem completely inadequate to serve a new purpose. Nevertheless, in such cases, every effort should be made to preserve it.

Several years ago, Tullio Inglese was invited to see the modest house of a local artist who wanted to modify and expand her existing residence to include a gallery and a fairly large studio. Given the extensive scope of the project, the option to demolish the existing house and garage and construct a new one in its place did occur to him. Many parts of the house were nicely detailed, however, and it did not take long for him to be convinced that they could build around these existing structures.

TIA Architects added a new main bedroom and bath, a guest bedroom, a new entry hall, and a gallery connecting the house to a new, two-story art studio. The configuration resulted in an intimate courtyard with plants and a fountain. The steps leading to the second floor of the studio were oversized and splayed so that people could sit there looking out at the courtyard. The complex was beautifully landscaped using local stone to build walls, patios and even a stone gateway.