Habitat for Humanity - Oct 2010

In October, the Nacul Center partnered again with Habitat for Humanity to help construct the fourth house on the plot of land donated by Amherst College to the Habitat’s Western Massachusetts chapter. Anxious to participate in early construction, the interns were enthusiastic about this opportunity. Working side by side with Habitat homeowners, Nacul interns helped assemble two roof trusses after measuring and cutting the appropriate components.

Designed by Kuhn Riddle Architects, each of the Stanley Street homes are designed to be passive solar, with south facing glass and no north windows to prevent heat loss. The houses also utilize photovoltaic panels which produce more energy than is needed, allowing residents to sell the electricity back to the grid. The homes are super insulated for energy-efficiency. To keep the structures ventilated, a whole house fan runs continuously. Point source heating units provide economical heating, and all appliances are Energy-star rated.

Habitat hopes to have the fourth home framed before winter. To volunteer, please see their website: http://www.pioneervalleyhabitat.org/volunteer/index.html

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