Generic Design

Perfect Cape, model

The Perfect Cape

Imagine: instead of having to pay several thousand dollars a year for oil or gas (non-renewable fossil fuels) and pay...

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Queen Truss House, basswood model

Queen Truss House

There are a great number of truss configurations, but the Queen Truss is especially advantageous because it is easy to...

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Bow Truss House I, section

Bow Truss House

The Bow Truss House (BTH) is appropriate for most climates. The truss is composed of a horizontal bottom...

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Post & Beam house model

Post & Beam House

Post and Beam houses have been built virtually unchanged for a great number of years. It has been, and still...

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Cube House - section

The Cube House

The Cube House is architect Tullio Inglese’s earliest house design. In 1968 – before the heightened interest in sustainability...

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HUG II roof


The House Under Glass (HUG) was designed with a greenhouse as its roof. In place of a cluttered attic,...

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Turf House II - south elevation

Two Turf Houses

Using the earth to create human shelters is an age old method of building. At its origins, it represents...

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Solar Cape - model

The Solar Cape

The site of the original Solar Cape was a lightly wooded lot in Burlington, Iowa with a southwesterly slope and...

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